About the Project


Before and well after John Snow discovered that contaminated water pump, public health heroes have been involved in revolutionary movements that have changed how people eat, work, heal and play in our world.  At its best, public health is invisible.  The water we drink is not only hydrating, but it also strengthens our teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay. Outbreaks of infectious diseases that are prevented thanks to advances in immunizations and public health surveillance are likewise unseen public health achievements. Food supplementation programs, free or subsidized breakfast or lunch programs, violence prevention programs, and other social and economic policies are also critical public health interventions.

The invisibility of public health’s success often means that the work it takes to keep it going often goes unrecognized and is under valued.  Though much progress has been made, persisting and new health issues continue to require our attention, innovation, and collaboration.  This website brings your attention to the invisible mass of workers, from various walks of life and experiences, who uphold our public health through their daily work, innovations, activism and ideals.

We Are Public Health’s vision is to showcase the public health workforce’s history, breadth, depth and value.

This site does so by collecting the stories of diverse public health heroes, documenting their career trajectories, highlighting important milestones, sharing their concerns and finally, setting the stage for their big ideas and solutions to contemporary public health issues.


Each month we release a Volume featuring three new interviews.

Each quarter we take a break from interviews and put forth a Reflective, in which the editors identify trends, themes and new developments in public health based on past Volumes.

That’s 3 Reflectives, 9 Volumes and 27 interviews with incredible public health heroes every year!

All the volumes will continue to be available in the Interviews section.